Rob (cain1k) wrote in webtech,

Support ideas...

I've been working with PDA's since I was out of high school. I got one of the first colored pocket PC's the casio Cassiopeia E-105. I love the idea of something simpler than a laptop to lug around and understand why people choose to use them.

HOWEVER, I work in a corporate place where people use them with the work PC's that have limitations to what they can get and where they allow the PDA's to access. Most of it has been fixed and the IS managers have determined, PDA's are more than welcome, but there is no assured priority on the issues with them if any arise because of the number of PDA's that exist. I want to fix that because more and more people are finding their way into buying one here. Since coming here there have been 10 more people from the 6 I knew that had them that are not part of the IS department.

My posed question is this. What type of support? What ways could anyone be helped in finding the answers to their PDA or assisted in the directions to kind of have themselves left on their own with help as much as that can be helped? I want to create something so I can limit what people need from IS so that we can encourage not discourage PDA use.
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