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17th January 2010

docka3ak7:00pm: Создание сайта, Site creation
Создать сайт, создание сайта - очень сложный этап в жизни каждого сайтдевелопера.
Я помогу создать сайт для вашей компании, или сайт для вас. Создание сайта и веб-дизайн сайта обойдется вам у меня недорого.
Я работаю на портфолио, поэтому создание сайта, верстка макета, и веб дизайн обойдется вам дешевле, чем в веб-студиях.
Site creation is a very difficult step in the life of a webdeveloper.
I will help you to create a site for your company or your personal site. Site creation and web design will not cost you much.
I work for portfolio, so the site creation, layout makeup and web design will be cheaper than in web studios.

6th January 2010

docka3ak2:37am: free site creation
reasonable price, high quality, short terms. Working for portfolio.
free site creation - dockazak2

8th January 2009

kritof11:12am: Drop-Down Menu in GoLive Component Page
I'm creating a website in GoLive, using a component page for the menu, which will appear on every content page. There will be at least 50 pages. So when the menu needs editing, making changes to each page separately is not an option. Creating and customizing the menu in the component page is easy enough. I am using a found javascript to create drop-downs as well.

The problem I'm having is when using the menu as a GoLive component. When I edit the component, save and go back to the index page, the menu acts strangely and duplicates itself, putting an extra one at the bottom of the page. I don't know why it's doing this, and the problem is very frustrating. Could the component menu be too complicated? Could there too many nested div's and GoLive is getting confused? I have done this successfully many times before, but never with javascript drop down's. Could that be causing my error?

Please let me know if you've had any similar problems. I really need help with this issue. Thanks!

(Also, I know code, but not enough to build a website without using the help of GoLive.)

23rd March 2007

kritof9:29am: 2 different link styles????
I want my page to have two different looking links. For simplicity, let's just say I want half of them to be blue and underlined and the rest to be red and not underlined. I don't know how to set up two distinct url styles.

My current in-page CSS (to make the links red and not underlined) looks like this:

[STYLE TYPE="text/css"]
a:link {text-decoration: none; color: red;}
a:active {text-decoration: none; color: red}
a:visited {text-decoration: none; color: red}
a:hover{text-decoration: none; color: red}

***where ] and [ mean > and

22nd October 2006

vocalstud693:50pm: Okay, I need some help. I need to figure out how to make a website where a customer can be given an username and password, then sign in, and change things for their advertisement on my site. All they need to change are numbers on an ad for their hotel. For example, just a text box where they type the new rate, "89.95", and then it shows up on the ad in the correct font and color. Like the numbers that are circled in blue on this pic.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I need to know if there are any books or websites that tell me exactly how to do this. Thanks.

9th October 2006

kritof3:22pm: GoLive menu rollovers
Before anyone chastises me for using GoLive...I do know html and javascript. I choose to use GoLive to organize and make my life easier (and this is the case 99% of the time).

The menu I'm working on here: http://www.888windsearch.com/main.html
has a semi-complicated roll-over system. For some inexplicable reason, the last menu item (Employment) does not show up. The roll-over works, but the image does not appear. It shows up when I preview it on my local machine, and in the GoLive layout. Any advice? Thanks!!!

9th August 2006

kritof9:14am: Form question
I have a fairly straightforward form with text input box entries for name, address, city, state, etc. When an automated form filler is used, such as Google Tool Bar Auto-Fill Option, the phone number is inserted into the name field. Phone number doesn't even show up at all in the form.

The names of the input text boxes are correct and logical. "name" for name, "address" for address, etc. Any ideas on what the problem could be?

12th July 2006

kritof10:22am: GoLive help
I'm trying to add a javascript function to an existing webpage in GoLive. It's supposed to work with a form that has already been set up. GoLive keeps deleting the code I insert every time I save. It doesn't matter if I try to add directly to the code or in the javascript editor. Any idea on how to prevent it from doing that? Thanks!

24th November 2005

hfx_ben12:41pm: XML and CSS
Using Rudy Rucker's FeedBurner as an example ... I thought I had at least a basic understanding of what's what, but how do those background images get in there?

I have a workable version of his page on disk ... looks fine ... but it's still fetching the images from the Feedburner site and I can't see why.

see feeds.feedburner.com/~d/styles/rss2enclosuresfull.xsl and feeds.feedburner.com/~d/styles/itemcontent.css

I /know/ I'm missing something simple ...

X-posted to web_design and webdesign

15th November 2005

kritof12:18am: Simple html question...
I have a hyperlink to download a powerpoint show. I want users to be able to click the link and have the download start automatically. As it is right now, users have to right click it and select "download linked file". How do I do this?


6th October 2005

kritof10:36pm: Mac IE glitch
First of all, I've gotten a lot of help here, and I really appreciate it. I have yet another problem. The website I set up for a client has a glitch on the menu here: http://www.armetta.com/portfolio/work1.html

I realize that IE is much less popular than Safari, but I would like to fix this. I also know that I have the page set up in a bit of an unusual way. I'm tempted to recode it using just tables instead of the lists. But if there is a simpler adjustment I can make to the existing code, I'd love to know.

Thanks again!!!

18th September 2005

kritof12:44pm: CSS issues...again.
I'm having some more difficulties with this client's website: http://www.mylbags.com/client_area/armetta/

I'm noticing something very troubling in FireFox. The menu buttons appear at the top of the screen partially covered by the top portion. The menu buttons for the portfolio also appear at the top and behind the top portion. Go here to see what I mean: http://www.mylbags.com/client_area/armetta/portfolio/work1.html Both of these sets of menu buttons are laid out in their own table. Is that part of the problem?

Please help me! Relevant CSS code is cut below.

Read more...Collapse )

13th September 2005

kritof12:18am: frustrating problem
I'm setting up a website for a client here: www.mylbags.com/client_area/armetta

I want the white portion of the screen to go from above the menu icons to the very bottom of the page. the only way i could figure to do this giving it a fixed height. I'd rather not do this because then i get a ton of empty scrolling on low resolutions. here's the css definition:

  background-color: white;
  text-align: center;
  position: absolute;
  left: 0px;
  top: 324px;
  width: 100%;
  height: 830px;

I tried making height 100%, or inserting a table with height at 100% or even 50% into the actual instance of the div, but neither worked. With these, the white was reduced to just a thin stripe stretching the complete width of the page.

Help me please!!!!!!

9th August 2005

kritof1:53pm: CSS problem
I am having some problems setting up a website using CSS. Below I put the code for two divs, one above the other. For some reason, the second will not span the entire width of the screen in Windows IE6. It goes almost all the way and then stops. I've had this same problem on other websites too. Any advice? Thanks!!!!



  text-align: center;

  position: absolute;

  top: 0;

  left: 0;

  width: 100%;

  height: 227px;




  background-color: #A2A09D;

  text-align: center;

  line-height: 1;

  position: absolute;

  top: 227px;

  left: 0;

  width: 100%;

  height: 155px;


6th July 2005

sydneygrey10:02pm: . how to create/purchase a domain name .
I need help. I need someone to give me a step by step instructional process on how to find, create and purchase and domain name. Not for me- but for my client. I need to make sure I get the user name and password for the FTP transfer. Can anyone help?

27th June 2005

kritof8:21pm: Line height?
IE for Mac doesn't seem to recognize CSS "line-height" property. I used: line-height: 5.5px; It works fine in IE for PC.

Any advice? I have a book that specifies using "em" as opposed to "px", but that doesn't work in IE for PC's.

26th June 2005

kritof3:55pm: questions and feedback
I am setting up a website HERE, and I want to know how to make it adjust to different window sizes. I always want the content to the right of the menu to be centered in its portion of the window. Right now put it in a tag called <p class=main>, with CSS defined as:

p.main  {

    text-align: center;

    position: absolute;

    width: 600px;

    top: 20;

    left: 230;


Another simple question: Is there a simple way to get spacing between say, two images (like the buyers and sellers images on the page) without actually positioning each one using CSS?

By the way, it would be much appreciated if people with browsers other than IE6 on a PC could give me some feedback on how this looks. I am planning on obtaining more views myself, but just haven't had the time.

20th June 2005

kritof5:19pm: General layout question
What do you think is best for setting up the layout of a page? Absolute positioning with CSS? Tables? Combination of the two?

I'm familiar with both, but just unsure of which is most effective. And which tends to have less browser issues...although I suppose if you know what you're doing, the cross-browser compatibility of your pages isn't an issue.

12th June 2005

kritof4:15pm: Forced refresh??
When I make changes or updates to my website, I've been noticing that I must refresh, or even hard-refresh the page before I can see the changes. I don't want visitors to the site to have to do this. Is there a way around it? Is there a javascript of some sort that would refresh for them?

Thanks all! And I apologize for any x-posting.

24th May 2005

kritof12:40pm: Website critique
Thanks to everyone who gave me such good advice for my first foray into real web design. I made revisions to my website based on your comments, and now I'd like to see what you think. www.myLBags.com. (Again, this site is only meant for family and friends...these bags are not for sale to the general public.)

I will probably play around with some of the layout in the future, mainly on the "Predesigned Bags" and "Customize Your Own Bag" pages. Right now the only part unfinished is a portion of the options on the second order form page and the dimensions of the customizable bags.

10th August 2004

cain1k1:12pm: My plan....
My friend had a thinkpad that now has died. She liked the mobility but all she did was use it for occasionally looking at a website, mostly talking on aim, and now and again writing her novel. Well I want to see about getting something cheaper than a new laptop, like a PDA with wireless to go with the wireless router in order to make her apartment more use friendly for her. I've checked out some PDA's looked into bluetooth adapters and also just straight out wireless cards and this is the conclusion I have. I need more techies opinions. So I plot this to you all. Should I just find a cheap laptop, or do any of you know of a PDA preferably pocket PC that can eithier have wireless added to it or wireless on it already that would work for just roaming an apartment and also probably taking with to stores.

P.S. Might i mention she does store analysis. Checking employees and the look of the stores while being like a customer without the employees knowing what she is doing.

8th July 2004

cain1k9:26am: Support ideas...
I've been working with PDA's since I was out of high school. I got one of the first colored pocket PC's the casio Cassiopeia E-105. I love the idea of something simpler than a laptop to lug around and understand why people choose to use them.

HOWEVER, I work in a corporate place where people use them with the work PC's that have limitations to what they can get and where they allow the PDA's to access. Most of it has been fixed and the IS managers have determined, PDA's are more than welcome, but there is no assured priority on the issues with them if any arise because of the number of PDA's that exist. I want to fix that because more and more people are finding their way into buying one here. Since coming here there have been 10 more people from the 6 I knew that had them that are not part of the IS department.

My posed question is this. What type of support? What ways could anyone be helped in finding the answers to their PDA or assisted in the directions to kind of have themselves left on their own with help as much as that can be helped? I want to create something so I can limit what people need from IS so that we can encourage not discourage PDA use.

4th June 2004

treno8:31pm: Hello - just popping by to see if anybody here would be interested in a domain + hosting deal? I'm not a reseller, just a regular ol' person trying to get rid of a domain she bought on impulse - retroavantgarde.net, to be exact. It has about 10 months left for both domain name and hosting and I'm willing to let it go for a great price. If you're interested and/or would like more information, just email me! Thanks! :D

ohmarie@ gmail.com

25th March 2004

hfx_ben10:13pm: HTML composer?
I've used NS4.X's composer for doing lots of webpages, and then touching them up with Notepad.

What are people using? I'd like a nice shareware or OpenSource composer, hopefully something that supports CSS. (Dear aulde NS4.8 just don't cut it on that score!)

12th February 2004

hfx_ben5:01pm: You do PHP/MySQL?
Can be in NYC?
I see that D I G I T A L L Y I M P O R T E D is hiring.
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